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Social Media Marketing is the form of internet marketing service, used to promote products or services through the social media platforms and networks. Creating amazing content and sharing it on various social platforms that matches requirement for your business can help you to leverage target audience, create driving engagement, build a good relationship with them, and convert them into long term paid customers.

Digiraj Solutions delivers social media marketing services with tailored strategies and planning for each businesses that can help you achieve your business goals like getting traffic to your website, generating conversion leads, creating and increasing brand awareness and identity, interacting with customers to grow your business, to provide more efficient services. More the audience you keep engaged with, easier it will be to drive sales and generate revenue for your business.

The usage of social media has increased drastically with 350 million active users in India itself with the estimated time of 2.5 hours spend on it in a day. Out of these, 300 million total social media users engage in some form of an activity on social channels where Facebook and Instagram come 1st and 2nd on the list respectively. One of the main reasons for the popularity of social media is because, the mobile accessibility of these channels is continuously improving day by day that makes easy to use on the go.

The major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin. Each of these platforms has its own context and it can be used to promote your business in a specific targeted way. So how can you get most out of each platforms? By creating each content differently and works well according to your plan that best suites each platform, since each platform requires a different strategy.

Each of the platform has a different context and this can be used for marketing of businesses differently. Like if you are writing inspiring quotes, you cannot put it into a long blog post and publish it. This way it won’t be able to reach the audience. Else you can use twitter to put it bang on or use an image of the quote and use it on pinterest.

The best way is to use each platform with different planning and strategy. Some of the main highlights to promote your business is:

  • Content: This can be in the form of text, image, videos, infographics, whatever that you are posting on the social network. It has different forms and the most efficient way to use it is according to the context of it. Like if you are making a video, then Youtube can be the best platform or photos can be best promoted on Instagram.
  • Sharing: When people get what exactly what they are looking for and engage with your content, they are more likely to share it. This can help you to get more relevant traffic to your site and thus create a word-of-mouth marketing through sharing content and passing it on.
  • Hashtags: The most common form to promote your content and reach the right community is by using proper hashtags. Platforms like facebook, Instagram, linkedin etc. use hashtags that best describes your content and links to people looking for the same. This way your content can be accessible to more audience in less amount of time.
  • Stories: Most platforms have these function, which can help you to instantly create a featured content and make people aware of a product or service. The popularity of posting content stories like images, texts, short videos can get your content reach all of them in very less amount of time.

Our team at Digiraj Solutions plans the strategy according to the business and its objective goals. This is done by analyzing the needs and understanding the market and target audience. This helps to determine the right platform to promote your business and bring traffic. By creating unique and engaging content and posting it on social networks in a scheduled manner, your business gets a boost to build a brand identity.

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