what can digiraj solutions do for you,
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Let our expertise come up with all the strategies and development plans to achieve your goals. We would opt to become one of the top digital marketing companies in Kolhapur.

Digiraj Solutions expertise works along patterns that go from sketching the initial design concepts and info, all the way to full-scale custom development. Also, with all the marketing and brand support you will ever require for your business, we persist to work along our tagline that defines us – You think. We create. 

Digiraj Solutions, along with a team of enthusiast and passionate people, provides services in website design & development, Ecommerce websites, Web applications, Mobile Applications. Taking your business online is the first step to gain visibility and make people aware of it. This way, we help businesses to attract more traffic through digital presence and eventually achieve their business objectives. From getting a domain name and hosting, creating an astonishing website that makes your visitor to never leave it, to let Google know about you and send more people to your site, we make sure your business is worthy of all.

Alongside to that, your business needs to be promoted so that it reaches its target audience and converts them into customers. After all, what can be the sole purpose of starting a business other than helping people with products and services like never before ? Your business needs to reach its target customers more effectively and in shorter span of time, so they can benefit from your company better than your competitors.

With the internet exploding at a rocket speed, we help businesses with internet marketing services. These mainly include Search Engine Optimization [SEO], Search Engine Marketing [SEM], Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing [SMM], Pay per click advertising[PPC], Affiliate Marketing, Email marketing. 

Service & Expertise

Design & Development

Digital Marketing

Branding & Care

What We Do

design / development

Custom Website Design

Create a fully - customized website from scratch for the best UI/UX experience.

WordPress Websites

Easy to use and the most - business friendly websites that best suites your company.

Web Applications

Online custom applications for your every purpose to maintain every aspect of your business.

Mobile Applications

Convert your every detail of company into an mobile app that does all your work on the go.

Digital & Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Utilize the best tools to execute both on-page and off-page optimization that ranks you much higher in search results.

Social Media Marketing

Create social strategies and implement ads and campaigns through every platforms that enhance reach and client engagement.

Conversion Optimization

The Conversion Rate Optimization or best known as CRO. We allow the visitors interacting with your website into actionable insights.

Content Marketing

Generate relevant and organic content for your website, blog, social platforms, media and enhance audience activity and engagement.

branding & care

Brand Awareness

Create and implement customer-centric action plans that helps your business be a brand in itself.

Lead Generation

Ignite your sales funnel and convert them into satisfied clients through search traffic and marketing strategies.

Blogging Outreach

Boost your visitors traffic to come to your blog more often and build your audience through media platforms.

Ad Campaigns

Generate more clients through various campaigns and strategies that help you grow your business in every aspect.

let us get to know about your goals
and we will help you achieve them.