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We are a digital marketing agency and web development company based in Kolhapur.

At its core, every business centers at the very purpose of its existence – getting Customer traffic and converting them to clients. To get the quality traffic, you need to have a good marketing strategy with product and market fit.

This starts with how to get your business online and how to make a website that fits your business the best, and then reaching out to your potential customers through marketing. The world of internet and the way of performing marketing is changing. Most digital marketing agencies tend to perform actions merely on general strategies that gets only blank traffic towards your business. Setting apart, we constantly come up with new and innovative strategies that are unique to each business.

This in turn, not only helps businesses to build an audience, but set up a healthy relationship with the customer with good engagement and prompt service. Thus we believe to work on proper ethics and to provide the best to our client. Altogether, this is what we do at,

Digiraj, the reason why this digital marketing services company was started. We live at the intersection of design and marketing. We find the right customer within the maze of digital platforms available today and direct them to an online experience that exceeds their expectations. 

Enhancing all types of businesses to increase sales and get better returns, so they have fascinating results on their expenditure, e-commerce companies sell more products, local ventures dominating their market and corporate companies get a brand reputation. And eventually, we help you create a sustainable business that scales up year after year to reach your goals through the digital presence.

Digiraj Solutions aims at not only providing services to businesses, but help them in every possible way so that your business runs sky high and achieve your goals. We are here with the aspiration to become one of the best digital marketing company.

Our Core Values


We are merely driven by the work we do and the people we work with, that motivates to learn everyday and get the best for our clients - from startups and entrepreneurs to big enterprises.


We treat our clients and customers in the same way we would like to be treated, much likely to be a healthy relationship.


From doing under-promise to getting over-delivered, we try and do what we say with work and efforts going all the way in to meet the clients expectations.


We work abide in accordance with the moral principles that allow us to bring you solutions that follows all possibilities.

The Process

internet marketing services

01. Data Gathering

Our team gets in touch with you as we together inspect, gather, and create data requirements for an effective plan within your product vision and functionality needs.

02. Prototype

We create customized and specific designs for visual direction equipped with the necessary data, graphics, layouts, imagery, that takes it close to the product.

03. Product Approval

We review the design and development of product through our interactive process created to provide informative data needed prior to project build out.

04. Development / Launch

Transforming all the designs and content into a fully functional product launch, enhancing product success and online presence with your desired audience.

Digital Marketing and Services - Why and what is it exactly ?

With the spread of internet all over the world and easy accessibility, the number of people using it is increasing day by day. Almost more than 4billion people around the globe were active internet users in the year 2019, with India being in the 2nd rank. Also, electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops has made it easier to use it on the go. Thus, the way people got information on any data they wanted, the way people got to know about any product or service, and the way they shop and sell has changed drastically – using internet marketing services.

This meant to have a change in the field of marketing and offline marketing such as newspapers, banners, etc. is having a low impact on the people. The sole purpose of marketing for a business is to reach its target audience and convert them into loyal customers. And today, the best way to reach them in a short span of time and effectively, is by performing digital marketing services.  

Digital Marketing basically means any form marketing that is performed online on the internet, through content, images, videos, info graphics, ads, etc. Businesses promote their products and services through websites, search engines, social media platforms, emails, and other forms with their targeted audience.

What if you have a website and Google doesn’t know about it? Google search engine indexes your website to rank it on search engine page results. This is because your website does not have a sitemap or it is not submitted to google. To check if your website has a sitemap, type your url and attach sitemap.xml to its end. For example, to check. If it shows result and your website pages, then you have sitemap. If not, you can go to Google Sitemap Generator and enter your website name in it to create one. 

From the basics like SEO, social signals, site optimization to advanced options like sales funnel, Paid ads, email marketing, Digital marketing can help you grow into a sustainable business over a period of time. It helps businesses to promote, reach and engage with their specific target audience within less time thus increasing their revenue and achieving objectives alongside. 

So this can be quoted something like, if your business is not online, you don’t cease to exist.

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founder &
software developer

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Girish Shaha

Chief executive officer

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Vijay Powar

Chief marketing officer

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